Media Process Educational Films (MPEF) was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 1991 with a mission to produce educational films about social issues that promote a dialogue about the issues raised in each film (often in collaboration with a community organization). 

We are funded primarily by foundation and governmental grants.

Currently, we are a co-producer of Eizabeth Coffman’s work-in-progress documentary about the iconic Southern writer, Flannery O’Connor. This is the first feature documentary to be made about Flannery. It will be seen on the PBS network upon release in late 2019. MPEF’s Bob Hercules is the Executive Producer.

Our 2011 film, Perseverance: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor, tells the inspiring story of former University of Michigan superstar running back Billy Taylor and his tragic fall from grace and then amazing resurrection. The film, co-directed by Dan Chace and Bob Hercules, ran on the Big Ten Network in 2011.

Our 2007 film, Senator Obama Goes to Africa, is a chronicle of the then-Senator's diplomatic trip to Africa including a segment on his return to his father's homeland in Kenya.  It is currently being distributed by First Run Features.

Our 2006 film, Forgiving Dr. Mengele, tells the remarkable story of Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor, whose decision to forgive the Nazi perpetrators as an act of self-healing set off a firestorm of criticism. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival, the Crystal Heart Award at the 2006 Heartland Film Festival and was broadcast on WTTW in May, 2008.

Our past productions include: The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky & His Legacy (1999)—a chronicle of the famed community organizer and his modern-day legacy, narrated by Alec Baldwin, aired on PBS Spring, 2000; Times Beach, Missouri (1993)—a chronicle of a one town's toxic (dioxin) contamination and subsequent evacuation; Did They Buy It? (1991)— an examination of how the U.S. media covered Nicaragua's 1990 National Elections.

Prior to the formation of MPEF, our credits (both individually and collectively) include numerous award winning programs seen widely on PBS, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, the Deep Dish Satellite TV Network and distributed to the educational market through home video.  These past productions include Ghost Towns of the West (1991)—which traces  the social history of the gold rush boom towns; Baseball's Heirlooms (1989)—a chronicle of America's classic ballparks and Billy Bragg: Which Side Are You On? (1990)—a portrait of British rock singer and political activist Billy Bragg on a concert tour of the U.S.

We have a track record of creating compelling programs that are both informative and educational.  Furthermore, we are committed to creating effective outreach programs to take these programs beyond the traditional PBS audience.  As an example, we were able to distribute The Democratic Promise to over 1,200 community organizations (in a program partially funded by the MacArthur Foundation).  We also took the program 'on the road' to a number of key constituency groups around the country featuring live presentations and discussion sessions.  The film is also being distributed to the educational market through Berkeley Media.